Wednesday, July 27th, 2005 - 10:55 PM

Photos from an Evening Stroll

Today at work I went for a walk and took some photos. The weeds near the parking lot at work are pleasantly infested with photographic subjects.

I find this bug very cute. It’s all fuzzy, with a little long nose and knobbies on its antennae. Aww…

Fuzzy milkweed beetle

Even though there are many imperfections in this picture, I like how it shows so many stages of the berries’ lives.

Berry stages of life.

I saw a few of these reflective bluegreen beetles. Their color varied slightly. Some were more purple, and others were more green.

Bluegreen reflective beetle.

I also came across another red dragonfly. This time I was able to get closer, and the lighting was better… so there’s more detail.

Red dragonfly face.

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