Sunday, August 7th, 2005 - 4:59 AM

Bar Photos

I used to be very shy and antisocial. A few years ago I started going to a local bar and began learning to interact with strangers. These days most people laugh at the idea of me being shy, but deep down I still am. Anyway, here are a couple shy-style photos from the bar. Maybe someday I’ll post pictures of actual *people* from the bar.

Check out the ice in my glass… it had a lot of personality. We talked for hours.


This shotglass was very friendly. Right now it’s going to the local community college, working on its Associate’s degree in liquid containment.

The bottom of a shotglass.

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  1. syz Says:

    It’s funny how for some of us, learning to interact with people is a hard skill to learn. I’m getting better but I’m still shy at heart too.

    I like that ice picture quite a bit.

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