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May 25th, 2006

Picture of Words

How many words is a picture of words worth?

May 22nd, 2006

Scanner Time

I got a new scanner. Consumer scanners have come a long way since I bought my last one. This scanner is amazingly quiet and fast, and the results are far superior to what I got from my last scanner. Also, it’s USB-powered, which is convenient. Here are some scans of doodles: So, anyway… it rocks. […]

May 10th, 2006

English, google randomness, and theology…

“More clear” is clearer than “clearer” but “clearer” is correcter. That bugs me. When I checked, the top hit for “clearer” on Google was a page about why there isn’t stronger evidence of the existence of a Christian god. I read a few paragraphs of it, but it quickly degraded to Pascal’s Wager and I […]

May 4th, 2006

Fortunate Kookiness

… “The longest journey is the journey inwards.”
She said, “Journey in worms?” looking concerned.
“Journey inwards,” I repeated.
“Journey in words?” she asked.