This is a list of tools (software and web services) that I use/recommend. Among other things, this list helps me when setting up a new computer.

Windows Software

  • Console – A tabbed manager for Windows console (64-bit and 32-bit) applications. Provides convenient copy and paste, and is far more configurable than the console built into Windows. (Open Source)
  • Take Command Console Limited Edition (TCC/LE, formerly known as 4NT) – A powerful, free, backward-compatible replacement for CMD.EXE. (Proprietary/closed source.)
  • ViEmu – A vi/vim emulator for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Word/Outlook (and MS-SQL Server, but I don’t use that one). (Proprietary/closed source, commercial.)
  • WinDirStat – Disk space visualization/management. (Open Source)
  • HashTab – A shell extension that adds a “File hashes” tab to the Explorer file properties. (Author will provide source code upon request.)
  • PowerShell – An beautifully consistent and powerful command line shell that replaces (but is not backward compatible with) CMD.EXE. (Proprietary/closed source.)
  • Cygwin – A POSIX (Unix) compatibility layer for Windows, and a collection of ported utilities. (Open Source)
  • WinMerge – A graphical utility for reviewing differences in text files. (Open Source)
  • AutoHotkey – A tool that (among other things) lets you associate scripts with hotkeys. (Open Source)
  • Virtual CloneDrive – A tool that lets you mount a CD image (ISO, BIN, CCD, etc.) as a virtual disk. (Proprietary/closed source.)

Cross-Platform Software

  • Google Chrome – A web browser provided by Google.
  • Vim – A powerful (but not intuitive) cross-platform text editor. (Open Source)
  • Dropbox – Online file synchronization.
  • CrashPlan – A fantastic backup solution (back up locally or to a friend’s machine for free, or to CrashPlan’s servers for a low-cost subscription).


  • Amnesia Sans Mono – My custom version of the TrueType font, DejaVu Sans Mono (version 2.24) with some slight tweaks that make it preferable to me as a programming/coding font. I find it very readable at sizes down to 7 point in Windows with ClearType enabled. The name is a reference to Stephen Wright‘s joke, “Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.”

Web Applications

  • meebo – Web-based instant messaging (GTalk, MSN, Y!IM, Facebook, etc.).
  • Google Calendar – An event/appointment scheduling solution.
  • WordPress – Blog software.
  • Ninite – “The fastest way to install or update software.” (If you like any of the software I list on this page and can’t find it on Ninite, please take a few seconds to request it (click on the “Show suggestion” form at the bottom of the main page, type the name of the program, and press “Suggest this app”). It will make our lives easier. 🙂