Thursday, May 25th, 2006 - 8:57 PM

Picture of Words

How many words is a picture of words worth?

I will not paint the house with nail polish.

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  1. kim Says:

    A bottle of nail polish remover and a wire brush, $4.

    Six hours to get the mess cleaned up and the boy to write a repentant sentence about his misdeed six times, 2 klonopin and 2 tylenol (for mom).

    Ending up with a beautiful, tender, frameworthy glimpse into our guilty little six year old’s world, Priceless.

    I love the bubble letters. I love the glasses. I love the peanut shaped heart he drew (is that what that is?), I’m so glad you saved this. It’s gorgeous. He really is a sweet little boy, he just forgets himself sometimes and destroys my expensive stuff.

    I know this was really hard for him to write. I respect him for finishing his assignment.


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