Sunday, October 8th, 2006 - 5:11 PM

One More Norway Post

I have a few more pictures to share.

I don’t normally carry pictures of my kids with me. I had my pocket camera with me in Norway, so when people would ask me about my kids, I only had the pictures on the camera to show them. Here’s the picture I showed them of my youngest:


Here’s the picture of my son that showed:


Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pictures of my fourteen year old with me.

I also had this picture on my camera, which amused a few people:


On the street where I encountered the prostitutes, there was a McDonald’s with silver arches:


At work, there was a bathroom/watercloset door with this on it:


It’s a good example of how easy it can be to figure out the basic meaning of Norwegian phrases.

When I saw this pipe, I immediately knew I had to take this picture:


Maybe I’m a pervert, but to me it looks like this troll is about to flash us:


Here’s a tiny car. They weren’t very common in Norway, but certainly more common than in the United States.


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