Sunday, July 8th, 2007 - 12:13 PM


Last night I had a nightmare that I enjoyed thinking about after I woke up.

I was living in a future dystopia, and I broke some sort of law (entering a park without paying admission or something — I don’t remember) and got arrested.

After being arrested, I was processed and sent down various sorting chutes at high speed. That part was really fun, like a roller coaster.

At the bottom of the last chute was a lady in a nurse’s uniform. She held a pair of shorts in front of her face and said “put these on immediately.” They were white with a mesh pattern, and I could see her face clearly through them.

As I put on the transparent shorts, she continued to examine me. She looked at my feet and said “it looks like you’ll need a pedicure.” That kinda made me happy, so I commented “yeah, my feet are in pretty bad shape.” She said “not as bad as mine” in a tone that indicated her irritation with the fact that as a government worker she didn’t get the medical care I got as a prisoner.

Next, she glanced at a monitor and said “you’ve been here before. You’re signed up for rebirth.” I knew what that meant. My memory was to be wiped, then I’d get re-educated and released. I had just started to think about the life I was going to lose when she pulled out a hypodermic needle. I blurted out “wait!” because I wasn’t finished reflecting on my life, but she stuck the needle in my arm. That’s when I woke up.

2 Comments to “Rebirth”

  1. glen Says:

    Dude, what makes you think it was a future dystopia, and not a past dystopia? Or maybe a past utopia? Or… you get the picture. I don’t think you’ve examined all the possibilities here, my friend.

    On the other hand, your mind did a lovely sci-fi/multi-fetish/libertarian mash-up here. Wait, let’s think of a better name for the genre: Freudo-Randian altfootporn? Philip K. de Sade, with a simple twist of feet?

    And are you sure this was a nightmare?

  2. Woody Thrower Says:

    I actually hesitated to call it a nightmare, because I pretty much found the whole thing interesting and non-threatening.

    Last night, on the other hand, I had a long nasty dream about being a prisoner crammed into an over-crowded filthy train (people urinating and such everywhere, because there were no bathrooms) and getting transported over a very long distance.

    The reasons behind the imprisonment kept changing (an interesting thing that happens in dreams), but it pretty much sucked. At one point I started spitting on people who were watching the train pass.

    Anyway… it was very long with many unpleasant details, and definitely a nightmare.

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