Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 - 11:06 PM

My Four Year Old’s Art Night

My four year old daugher is having an art night tonight. She started by drawing a self-portrait. Then she drew pictures of some other family members.

Here’s her self-portrait, and a photo of her (taken just a little while after the drawing). She cut out the self-portrait before I got it to the scanner.

Four Year Old Self PortraitFour Year Old Photographic Portrait

After a few drawings, I asked her if she’d draw a dragon. She said she didn’t know how, but I asked her to try anyway. About a minute later, she came back with this:


She also drew a butterfly and a flower. She draws butterflies all the time. Sometimes she draws them with chalk on the driveway, and once she drew one on the garage door.


My wife asked my son to draw a dragon so we could see how an eight year old draws dragons. Here’s what he came up with. He’s not really satisfied with it, and said he might try again.

eight year old dragon

He says it’s in a crystal ball, and that people are looking at it.

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