Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 - 2:54 PM

Jeff at Sizzler

Today I ate at Sizzler with my friend Thom. This particular Sizzler has hearts of palm (mmmm), which are the only reason I ever choose to eat there. Today a waiter named Jeff (or so he claimed, and his name tag looked pretty darn official) walked by and saw us playing Banqi.

He was interested in what we were playing, so we explained the game to him. I recently bought 12 sets online from Game Center Online and have been selling them at cost (about $6 after shipping), so when he asked where he could pick up a set, we decided to give him the set we were playing with.

We gave Jeff the URL for the Wikipedia article and Woodpress so he can get detailed instructions and print his own board if the one we had with us wears out.

Now that I’m posting a link to where I bought the sets, Jeff will also know where to get additional sets. (Hi, Jeff.)

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