Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 - 3:16 PM

Banqi Again

Today we had banqi lunch at Tucanos. The food was delicious (as always), and one of the servers was interested in the game, so I gave him the woodpress URL and told him to search for Banqi. Since it’s been a while since I posted this information, I’ll do it again for his convenience:

  • The best place I’ve found for buying Xiangqi/Banqi sets is gamecenteronline. They’re excellent quality, suitable for both games, and cost only $5.
  • For Banqi, I like to use a printout of a board I designed (see below) which is more decorative than a folded Xiangqi board and includes a table of pieces to simplify the learning process.
  • The set from gamecenteronline comes with instructions for Xiangqi (and there is a Xiangqi wikipedia article). There is also a Banqi wikipedia article, which includes game instructions.

Here’s the custom Banqi board I use:

Banqi Board Color version 4

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