Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 - 11:29 AM

KWIK Vending Service

A few months ago I mentioned that the office where I work was having trouble with KWIK Vending Service. A couple months ago they said they were going to drop us as a customer. Apparently they were sick of people from our office calling the “call for service” number KWIK had posted on the machines, trying to get KWIK Vending Service to… provide vending service. So, “KWIK Vending Service” actually seems to provide slow/poor vending service, and the sticker that says “call for service” really means “if you call for service, we’ll threaten to drop your account.”

I’ve been occasionally taking pictures of the main drink vending machine and posting them to a Flickr photo set dedicated to KWIK Vending Service’s slow vending service.

If anyone from KWIK stumbles across this, it might behoove them to explain the business reasons for providing such poor service. Is it actually MORE profitable? I find that hard to believe, given how many drinks we WOULD buy if our machines were stocked. How expensive is a trip out here? Am I failing to see some hidden costs?

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