Friday, December 5th, 2008 - 2:54 AM

Camera Phobia

Today on the way to work, we stopped at the fedex office so Shaun (my ride) could drop off a package. While he went in and took care of that, I got out of the car and took some pictures of Timpanogos (including this one).

Panoramic Timp Peaks

I went back to the car, and while I was putting away the camera someone came over and said “can I help you?” I said “no thank you,” pulled my bottle of water out of the car, then stood there and drank it. I figured he thought I might be rummaging through the car trying to steal something, and that would put him at ease.

He walked away (pretending to do something around the corner, I think), then when he came back past me I said “thanks for looking out for the car.” He smiled at me and went back inside.

When Shaun got back, he informed me that there had been a minor panic. “There’s a guy outside taking pictures!!!” While the guy was outside “helping” me, Shaun told them I was with him, and that I take pictures every day. I had mentioned that morning how nice Timp looked.

When the guy got back inside, the person behind the counter pointed at Shaun and said “he fessed up… that guy’s with him.”

People are really scared of cameras! I suspect if I’d had a pocket camera instead of a big black beast, they wouldn’t have freaked out… but if I’d been up to no good, that’s just what I would’ve used!

Anyway… if you want to rob the fedex office, this photo is for you.

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  1. Bryan Kingsford Says:

    Interesting story and a nice picture of Timp

  2. Sarah Says:

    cool pic!

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