Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 - 10:20 AM

The Sun! It’s Back!

After years of online activity, I have a reasonable sample of data that says I go quiet every winter (from about December to February). Fortunately, the sun is coming back, and I am feeling increasingly communicative.

I recently stumbled across a program called MyPaint for my Nokia Internet Tablet (a handheld device similar to a PDA). It’s a little slow on the low-power 400 MHz mobile processor, but it’s usable for low-detail doodling… and I really like the idea behind MyPaint (which is available for at least Windows and Linux–possibly other platforms). Here are a couple drawings I made while experimenting with it:

Mountain Sunset


A few weeks ago, my manager mentioned to me that he’d won “photo of the month” on a web site back in the mid 1990’s for a picture he took of hoarfrost. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find the photo. 🙁

I wasn’t familiar with hoarfrost, so he explained to me that it was a somewhat unusual form of frost that occurs during prolonged fog. The next morning, I coincidentally had a chance to take some pictures of hoarfrost. Here is my favorite of them:

Frosty Leaf

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  1. Bryan Kingsford Says:

    I love the leaf picture.

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